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First 'Dunkirk' trailer shows desperate times

Christopher Nolan's latest movie takes you to the embattled shores of France during World War II.

Warner Bros/Youtube

According to Christopher Nolan's latest film, "hope is a weapon."

The first trailer for "Dunkirk," released Wednesday, brings Nolan's trademark air of mystery and suspense to the shores of France. Seriously, even though we know what happens, the trailer makes the movie out to be a survival horror set during World War II.

Not that gritty World War II movies are anything new, but it does feel like a shift for Nolan, the renowned director of the "Dark Knight" and "Inception." The cast features standouts such as Tom Hardy, Cillian Murphy and Shakespeare guru Kenneth Branagh.

"Dunkirk" is due out in the summer of 2017. Check out the trailer here.