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First Cyrix 6x86 notebook ships

Direct reseller TigerDirect begins sales of the first notebook PCs based on Cyrix 6x86 processors.

Direct reseller TigerDirect has begun selling the first notebook PCs based on Cyrix (CYRX) 6x86 processors.

The 6x86 offers performance on a par with Intel Pentium 150- and 166-MHz processors.

The Tiger 6x86 notebooks feature a 12.1-inch dual-scan display, 16MB of memory, a 10X CD-ROM drive, a 1.3GB hard disk drive, and Microsoft Windows 95 and Corel WordPerfect Suite 7. They start at $1,899.

A model with a 2.0GB hard disk drive and a 12.1" active-matrix display is also available for $2,649.99.

Tiger also has a 166-MHz Intel Pentium MMX model including a 2.0GB drive and a 12.1" active-matrix screen for $2,899.99.

TigerDirect says it will also custom configure Notebook PCs with any Cyrix 6x86 processor, Intel Pentium processor, or Intel Pentium processor with MMX and any combination of peripherals and accessories.

TigerDirect sells its own private-label computers as well as name-brand PCs from companies such as IBM and Compaq.