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First British robot reborn in London, ready to haunt your nightmares

Originally built in 1928, Britain's first robot Eric has been rebuilt, complete with glowing red eyes and sharp teeth, for some reason.


Welcome back, Eric! Please don't kill us all.

Science Museum

London's Science Museum has rebuilt Eric the robot -- Britain's first robot, and one of the first seen anywhere in the world.

He was originally built in 1928 and was capable of standing up, and moving his arms. Thanks to a Kickstarter campaign that raised over £50,000, Eric has been reconstructed by the Science Museum and will be on display as part of the Robots exhibition beginning in February next year.

While I don't mind the humanoid, "knight-in-armour" look, nobody has explained why Eric has been given glowing red eyes and sharp metal teeth.

Nor do they know where the original Eric vanished to. Just let that sink in for a moment, while you look at this picture...


Can't sleep, robot will eat me.

Science Museum