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First Black Friday desperadoes in line at Best Buy

A family in Florida is already in line to enjoy Black Friday deals at Best Buy. Their motivation, however, is not the deals. It's to be first, for once in their lives.

Standing in line to buy, say, a slightly larger television for a fine price on Black Friday is as much an American tradition as drinking coffee with a stale croissant or buying underwear only at the Gap.

You will delight, therefore, in the news that one Best Buy already has people in line to take advantage of its Black Friday specials.

CC StudioMohawk/Flickr

According to WTSP News in Florida, a whole family has encamped outside a Best Buy in St. Petersburg. They are called the Davenports and they pitched their metaphorical tent on Wednesday at 10 a.m.

They are reportedly the first people to be encamped anywhere in the hope of snagging the first Black Friday offerings. And it seems this, more than the deals, is lifting their spirits far beyond the cloud.

For Lorie Davenport told WTSP: "We're here really early this year because we've always been second, third, and fourth and down the line."

Shame is always hard to live with. It grinds inside you as the years go by. It ratchets up the sadness in your eyes and the prickly feelings in your digestive system.

However, one might have thought that if you are, say, the second person to launch yourself into Best Buy on Black Friday morning, you might still be able to avail yourself of spectacular purchases, the details of which you can regale your friends for many months to come.

For some, though, that just isn't good enough. As Lorie Davenport put it: "We're tired of not being first and we figured we've put in six years, we want to be first."

Perhaps, like me, there are many areas of life into which you have put six years and never been first. These might include understanding your target sex, following the Golden State Warriors, and petitioning the Michelin Guide to look kindly on Olive Garden. So we should all surely applaud that one family has found the determination to show the world what it takes to win.

Turning up, as they often say in business, is nine-tenths of success. The Davenports, who are taking it in turns to keep their place of the head of the line, are showing that turning up before the crowing cock is even conscious constitutes the other one-tenth.