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First Atom benchmarks appear online

Benchmarks for Intel's new tiny processors have been published on the Web.

Atom, Intel's new processor family for small devices, has barely been announced, and yet already one German tech site has posted some benchmark results. ComputerBase is reporting that its 1.6GHz Atom chip fell slightly behind a 900MHz Celeron M chip on the Super PI benchmark.

That may not be enough to run an actual laptop (the 900MHz Celeron is best known as the chip inside the stripped-down Eee PC) but it should be enough for the mobile Internet devices that are destined to incorporate the new platform. Besides, energy efficiency, not performance, is the Atom's main selling point; Intel promises the new chips' Thermal Design Power will range from 0.6 to 2.5 watts.

The Atom chips and platform don't have a ship date--reports vary from "this spring" to "first half of 2008"--so expect to see more unofficial performance and power consumption tests trickling out over the next few weeks.

(Via Laptoping)