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First 'AT&T Thanks' buy-one, get-one offer takes your friend to the movies, just because

AT&T customers who buy a ticket to AMC or Regal theaters will get one free after validating their mobile number.

AT&T is about to put its money where its mouth is.

The first offer in a brand-new customer rewards program dubbed AT&T Thanks hits today, with the carrier promising one free movie ticket when you pay for the first one at full price. On a Tuesday. This summer. At AMC or Regal theaters. After validating your cell phone number online. And then get a coupon code from And it won't work if you use prepaid brand Cricket or an AT&T prepaid GoPhone.

See? Easy!

AT&T's "Thanks" program already came under fire earlier this month when Citigroup sued the wireless network for using the word "thanks" in this very campaign.