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First 'Allegiant' trailer brings Tris and Four beyond the wall

They saved the city and revealed that life exists beyond the wall, and now Tris and Four are venturing into the unknown in the new trailer for "Allegiant."

The folks behind the "Divergent" movie series released the first trailer for the upcoming dystopian sci-fi film "Allegiant" on Tuesday, giving us our first look at what lies beyond the city wall.

As Four, Tris and the rest of the crew reach the top of the wall, they see a vast, red-tinted wasteland that seemingly lies in ruin. In the clip, we see all kinds of action scenes as the battle for the future of humanity continues beyond city limits. The clip ends by revealing Jeff Daniels' character, David, asking Tris to help him save the world now that she's saved the city.

You can watch the trailer in full above.

Tris, Four, David and gang will begin their journey to save the world beyond the wall on March 18, 2016, when "Allegiant" is scheduled to premiere in the US and the UK. A release date for Australia has not yet been announced.

Their journey will conclude in the final film in the series, "Ascendent," which is expected to hit theaters in March 2017.