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Firmware update coming to T-Mobile G1 owners

T-Mobile says it will start rolling out maintenance release 1.1 RC33 to G1 customers, which includes new features and software.

T-Mobile G1
T-Mobile G1 Corinne Schulze/CBS Interactive

Updated Feb. 4, 12:13 p.m., PT: This post has been updated with more details about the fixes and new features included in the RC33 firmware update.

On Tuesday, T-Mobile announced that it will start rolling out maintenance release (1.1 RC33) to T-Mobile G1 customers this week. The update will be delivered over the air and should reach all owners within the next two weeks, the carrier said.

Unfortunately, what it didn't reveal are the exact details of what's included in the release, simply stating that it would provide "new features and software updates." When pressed for more information, I simply got a response of "We will keep you posted on the software updates and features available in the maintenance release. More to come soon ..." Hmm, thanks. However, some blogs are reporting Google Voice Search and the ability to save pictures from an MMS are included in this update.

T-Mobile did make it clear that release RC33 is not associated with the "Cupcake" update, which is being developed under a separate Google Android branch, and will reportedly bring video recording, stereo Bluetooth support, an onscreen keyboard, bug fixes, and more.

We'll update you as we get more information about the RC33 and details will also be posted on the T-Mobile G1 forum page. If anyone has already received the update, we'd love to hear from you!

OK, we've received more details from T-Mobile about what's included in the release:

Fixes following problems:

  • Comcast fails to download more than one e-mail
  • "Messages" Stability Issue
  • Wi-Fi forcing a logout of IM
  • No reminders for calendar items
  • G1 hanging at the G1 Screen

New features:

  • Google Latitude for Google Maps for Mobile: Allows you to see your friends' locations and status messages on a map or in a list as well as share your location and status with friends and Google
  • Support "Check For Upgrades"
  • Voice Search
  • Ability to save pictures received as MMS
  • Ability to report offensive comments in the Market as spam
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