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Do fireworks scare your dogs and cats? Show them these videos

David Tennant of "Doctor Who" fame lends his soothing tones to these specially designed films. You could say he's really got a flare for it.

America's about to celebrate Independence Day, but for many pets, it's the worst day of the year. Dogs and cats aren't the biggest fans of fireworks, and many spend the holiday quaking and hiding.

Maybe now's the time to coax your pooch or kitty to watch one of two videos narrated by "Doctor Who" and "Broadchurch" star David Tennant.

British insurance company More Than released the videos in 2016 for Guy Fawkes Day, another occasion for fireworks, but lots of Americans could probably use the footage right about now. The videos are meant to relax pets stressed out by fireworks and loud noises.

"With loud noises, particularly those happening around fireworks time, then you can see dogs and cats becoming very distressed," animal behaviorist Karen Wild says in a video about the making of the films.

"Anything we can do to move their attention away from what's scaring them is a valuable tool for us to have," veterinarian Dr. Robert White-Adams says in the same video.

 "Woofering Heights" is the film for dogs, and it may look like the color is off on your computer, but that's intentional. "The film has been shot in a dog's color vision, features slow-moving pastoral scenery, a cast of sedentary dogs and a voiceover by David Tennant using words and cadences that will relax dogs," the site says. "The film loops a number of times to reinforce feelings of calm among canines. It is designed to be played a number of times to dogs suffering from noise phobia to help combat nervousness and stress."

Cats don't much care for fireworks either, so "Peer Window" was made for them, and it's also meant to be shown numerous times. "The film features a range of animate and inanimate objects, including fish and swaying trees, and a soothing narration from David Tennant," the makers say of the cat film. As its title suggests, it's shot as if the cat is looking out a window at calm scenes outside.

I tried out "Peer Window" on my three cats, Crunchy, Tango and Torgo, to varying levels of success. They all seemed interested in it at various times, but with no fireworks going off outside to stress them, it wasn't really a fair test. Tango did seem especially fascinated by the swimming fish, though.

Both films are free and available on YouTube (Dogs here, cats here.)

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