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Firefox to surpass IE? Yes, but only among the geeks

Firefox will soon surpass IE in market share...but not among the mainstream.

Data provided by Webmonkey

Webmonkey flatters to deceive with numbers that suggest that Mozilla's Firefox could exceed Internet Explorer's market share by the middle of 2009.

Unfortunately, the data is gathered from a sampling of techies, not mainstream users. As such, it's not time to uncork the champagne and dance on Microsoft's corporate grave just yet.

While the data doesn't point to Firefox's imminent world domination, it does beg an equally intriguing question: why are so many of the technical elite still using Internet Explorer at all?

Not that I consider myself among the "technical elite," but I can't remember the last time I used IE (though I use Microsoft Office on a daily basis, so it's not due to a determined desire to not use Microsoft technology). Of course, the "technical elite" in question here includes web designers and developers, a group that can't easily abandon use of the industry's market-leading web browser.

But if this is the case, why are so many flocking to Firefox?

In sum, if the web designers stick with IE because they have to, why are so many dumping their duty and using Firefox instead? I use Firefox because it's better. Is "better" swaying web designers and developers away from IE, where 73 percent of the market still resides, according to Hitslink?