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Firefox to open up to video...but not (yet) the video you want

Firefox is getting video, but it's getting a format that few care about and even fewer will notice.

The good news is that Mozilla's popular Firefox browser is getting video support. The bad news is that you probably won't notice.

Why? Because the video codec that is coming to Firefox is not commonly used: Ogg Theora. Firefox will also be adding a new HTML tag to make embedding video easier - no more need to launch Javascript - but, again, the video codec is not the ubiquitous QuickTime, Windows Media, or Flash that people use.

This isn't Mozilla's fault, of course. It's not the one keeping the codecs under lock-and-key. And, of course, this won't change the fact that free plug-ins to enable Firefox to play the popular codecs will continue to exist. It's not as if video has been kept from Firefox (well, except for the fact that I must have Internet Explorer to watch Windows Media-encoded Arsenal preseason matches - Firefox won't cut it).

No, it just means that I won't need a plugin to play Theora content anymore. But who cares? Most people don't use Ogg Theora. Whether they should or not is immaterial. I'd rather see Adobe, Microsoft, and Apple open up their codecs than see Firefox include Ogg Theora. But I guess it's the only one on offer....