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Firefox plans to let you surf the web as your alter ego

Ever wished you could surf the web in work mode, with all the correct logins set up, and then in home mode, logged into your guilty-pleasure news sites? Well, Firefox may have the answer.

Fear not, caped crusaders! Firefox has a way to keep you from accidently revealing your secret identities.


Mozilla may have solved one of the web's most annoying problems.

The company that makes the Firefox web browser is testing a feature that allows people to surf the internet "in different contexts," meaning they can choose to surf the web as if they're logged into all their sites for work, or home, or a troll on Reddit. If you're Bruce Wayne, you don't want to accidently post to Twitter as Batman, do you? Well, now you won't have to worry.

"We all portray different characteristics of ourselves in different situations," Firefox security engineer Tanvi Vyas wrote on the company's blog Thursday.

This may seem unnecessarily complex to some, but there are some examples where this could help many people. Imagine having one tab open for work email and another for home. Or different tabs open for a partner's bank account info and your own while balancing both checkbooks.

Vyas, who failed to make a single superhero joke when announcing this feature, said Mozilla will be watching closely how people use it. "We don't have the answers to all of these questions yet, but hope to start uncovering some of them with user research and feedback."

You can try the feature out for yourself at Firefox nightly builds. Then head to Twitter and proclaim "I am Batman!"