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Firefox for Android beta adds 'Do Not Track'

A new beta for Firefox on Android adds a do-not-track feature for keeping businesses unaware of your online behavior.

Firefox beta for Android private browsing
Firefox won't follow you. Mozilla

The right to browse without businesses tracking your every move has just come to the latest Firefox beta for Android.

Mozilla released the new mobile browser beta today with a Do Not Track feature that will keep business from issuing tracking cookies. The update comes almost a month after Mozilla took the wraps off of its official Firefox for Android release, and .

Just mosey on over to the browser settings to turn on Do Not Track before surfing with the certainty of not being watched. To do so, slide the option "Tell sites not to track me" to yes.

It might overstate the matter to say that Mozilla has planted its flag in browser history for being the first mobile browser to offer the feature, but this beta build is certainly the first offering of its type that we've seen on the small screen.

The browser-maker also plans to push new Firefox betas for Windows, Mac, and Linux "shortly," according to a statement.

You can read more details on tracking in Firefox from Mozilla's Sid Stamm here.

Article updated May 23, 2011 with corrections. The beta's Do Not Track feature is separate from private browsing.