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Firefox finds support

New browser from Mozilla has allies that are offering a clustering toolbar and Firefox-related blogs.

Search company Vivisimo and blogging software maker Bloglines have announced products that support Mozilla's new browser, Firefox 1.0, unveiled Tuesday.

Vivisimo has created a clustering toolbar for Firefox. It is similar to the one Vivisimo offers for Microsoft's Internet Explorer. The toolbar can be downloaded free at Vivisimo's Clusty Web site. The toolbar includes features like ClustyClip that can highlight words anywhere on a page and open a window with an encyclopedia or dictionary definition.

Bloglines announced a Firefox center on its Web site to offer information to Firefox users. Bloglines is also offering two extensions for Firefox for reading its blogs and news feeds. Bloglines said it will add more extensions for the Mozilla browser as they become available from the developer community.

Mozilla is eyeing the browser market and hopes to have a 10 percent share by the end of 2005. IE currently has more than 90 percent of the browser market.