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Firefox coming to PlayStation 3?

Tipsters have been fingering keyboards, and apparently "sources very close to Sony" say Mozilla's Firefox Web browser might be in the process of being ported to Sony's PlayStation 3

"Firefox? In my PS Triple? Sacre bleu!"

That's what you should be saying right about now. Tipsters have been fingering keyboards towards the PlayStation Insider blog, which we'd never heard of until Engadget linked to it, and apparently "sources very close to Sony" say Mozilla might be porting the Firefox Web browser to the PS3.

Good. Because the PS Triple's browser is a sack of Shih Tzus that needs drowning. It's sad that the Wii -- the weakest of all current-gen consoles in terms of its ability not to suck -- has a better Web-browsing experience than the PS3. And it's powered by Opera!

We're rude about Opera, but it's only in jest. Fact is, the Wii's been a better Web-browsing console for ages thanks to Opera, while the PS3 and its supercomputing Cell processor has lagged behind like a dog with three of its legs missing.

No word on when an official announcement about a Mozilla/Sony browser might take place, but we're hoping this rumour has more legs than that crippled dog we just mentioned.