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Firefox churns to version

A problem showing images on some Web sites triggered programmers to whip up a Firefox update in a handful of days.

Mozilla's bug-munching mascot Mozilla

Mozilla on Friday released the third update to Firefox this month, version, to fix a stability problem in the previous version.

"We strongly recommend that all Firefox users upgrade to this latest release," a post on the Firefox developer blog said.

The open-source Web browser update arrived swiftly after version, released October 18, version from November 1, and version from November 26. Which explains why I'm getting a lot of software update messages from my Web browser.

Version broke a feature that lets images be displayed with special effects such as rotated pictures and image reflections, according to Mozilla's bug-tracking site. The problem was fixed within a day and distributed within five, but not before some whose sites were affected by the bug had voiced frustration.

"Customers are complaining because their Firefox automatically updated to and now they can no longer order photo prints in our shop. I think this is a very serious problem and I hope it will be fixed immediately in a update," a post by Klaus Reimer said.

In an indirect response, Firefox coder Nick Thomas pointed to mailing lists that people can use to test their sites with imminent new Firefox versions. Thomas also said that the five-day turnaround is "the fastest turnaround between Firefox releases to date."

As long as the Mozilla coders are stamping out bugs, one that's annoyed me has become more prominent of late because it shows up when I install a Firefox update.

When I restore my Firefox browser sessions upon rebooting my computer, it's impossible to get rid of the "You've been updated to the latest version of Firefox" page. Even if I close that tab, it comes back later, so I have to start with a clean browsing slate to make it go away. It's not a stability or security problem, but it's not a credit to what is a notably influential project.

Mozilla released the first beta version of Firefox 3, called Gran Paradiso, less than two weeks ago. The second Firefox 3 beta should be done in "late December" if all goes well, according to another Mozilla developer blog post Friday.