Firefox 3 Beta 5 is out: Better than IE, but still work to do

Mozilla's Firefox browser is the best browser on the planet, no question. But it's not perfect, as my experience shows.

Tech Culture
Matt Asay

Mozilla just released Firefox 3 Beta 5, the last beta release before Firefox 3 goes to "release candidate" status. It feels even faster than before, and includes over 750 fixes over Firefox 3 Beta 4. It's getting rave reviews. Progress, right?

As can be seen in the screenshot at right, however, Beta 5 introduced some problems, at least for me (Mac OS X 10.5.2). I like the back button. It's a great tool. Even so, I don't need three of them. I've been trying to find ways to flush this out of my browser but have failed.

I'm not complaining. It's beta software and I have 100 percent confidence that this will be fixed in the final release. But I'm still surprised to see a bug this glaring find its way into otherwise exceptional software.

The good news? Just by mentioning this I am certain I'll get a fix. That's the power of open source. Some of us know how to whine; others know how to fix. The fixers will take care of whiners like me.

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