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Firefox the solution for most update problems

Firefox the solution for most update problems

The update to Firefox has caused problems for some users, including page rendering issues, stalled page loading and more.

As with previous releases, the primary cause of issues post-update for Firefox is the presence of problematic add-ons, including themes and extensions. You can quickly check if one or more add-ons are culpable by using starting Firefox in safe mode. To accomplish this, launch the Terminal (located in /Applications/Utilities) and enter the following command:

  • /Applications/ -safe-mode

then press return.

Try to recreate the same problem that was extant before the update. If it is gone, an add-on was likely to blame. Go to the Tools menu and select Add-ons. Disable any themes or extensions that could be causing the problem then try launching Firefox normally and check for persistence of the issue.

Downgrading Firefox If you still experience serious problems after updating to Firefox, you can downgrade to an earlier release. Older versions of Firefox, including, are available from: If you are experiencing significant issues after updating and wish to downgrade, simply download the older release then drag Firefox to the Trash. Next, drag the (newly downloaded) older release to the /Applications folder.


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