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Fire up the pizza oven for best results

The Fontana Fuoco Vivo Wood-Fired Outdoor Oven brings a new dimension of pizza-making for the home cook.

Get the results you want with a high-heat oven.
Get the results you want with a high-heat oven. Williams-Sonoma

Pizza inspires great debate. Some of these conundrums that become unraveled when the word is mentioned are easily solvable. Asking what one wants on his pizza may set off a torrid rant about the benefits (or lack thereof) of everything from anchovies to pineapples. Luckily, controversial toppings can be easily negated, as pizzerias everywhere have figured out that the only way to make sure that the customer is always right is to offer to pizza with customizable sides; the anchovy and jalapeno crowd get one half, while those in the fresh garlic and pineapple camp get the other. Everybody is happy. Until somebody brings up the subject of who has the best pizza.

Unlike most other foods, pizza holds a special place in our hearts and wallets because it is often so hard to replicate at home. While every fantastic meal requires skill on some level to create, more often than not with a little time, patience, and know-how, great results can be achieved with ordinary household kitchen equipment. Not so with pizza.

The Fontana Fuoco Vivo Wood-Fired Outdoor Oven from Williams-Sonoma brings an important step of pizza construction into the home. Designed to handle the high heat required to really give pizza the char that many find so necessary, the Italian-made oven achieves temperatures of up to 700 degrees Fahrenheit. In addition to a composite stone bottom on which to directly place the pizza, the dual-cambered outdoor oven comes with a chrome-plated steel rack for added versatility. The vaulted design and chimney pipe allow for efficient heat circulation that requires a minimum of fuel consumption. While many multithousand word treatises will continue to be written on the subject of who has the best pizza, at least now, with a high-heat oven, you can add your name to the debate.