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Fire up the electric grill

Grills can be a problem if you're living an apartment. But the Fuego 02 Electric is an electric grill with some class.

When I asked my landlord if I could have a grill in my apartment, he almost had a heart attack. The answer was a definite no. And with an apartment building to worry about, who can blame him for not wanting to introduce fires into the mix. I managed to talk him into an electric grill, though: no worries of catching my home on fire. When I went looking for an electric grill, it took me a while to find one that would not only cook my food but look good on my balcony.

The Fuego 02 Electric has all the class necessary to fit in on the balcony of your apartment--as well as on patios and at houses. It's built in an island configuration, making it easy to work on. And the 02 Electric is finished with stainless steel, teak, and slate, making it an attractive grilling option.

To set up the Fuego 02 Electric, you just have to plug it in. You'll get 1,650 watts of cooking power immediately. The grill uses a powerful coil heating element paired with a reflector plate that turns heat back to the grilling surface. That surface is a cast iron, enamel-coated grill grate more than capable of grilling 2-inch thick steaks to perfection.