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Fine-tuning Wi-Fi access

roundup A wireless group pushes a new security standard intended to reassure business customers. Meanwhile, wireless ISPs burn for "hot spots."

roundup Everybody, it seems, wants in on the Wi-Fi action. The wireless technology continues its spread from coffee shops to airport lounges--and as security improves, it's bound to be adopted by a growing number of business users.

The Wireless Fidelity Alliance is pushing a new security standard intended to help reassure business customers that the technology is safe.
October 31, 2002

The company is stitching together a network of wireless "hot spots" to cash in on the growing popularity of wireless networking.
October 31, 2002

Sip And Surf is giving away Wi-Fi gear, looking to boost the number of urban areas that offer wireless Web access. Meanwhile, Canada's FatPort chats up a deal with Covad.
October 30, 2002

A division of Germany's Deutsche Telekom says it will set up wireless "hot spots" for business travelers in airport lounges across the United States.
October 30, 2002

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As wireless home networking catches on, the climate is right for growth in the Wi-Fi market, according to a new study.
October 28, 2002