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Finding free fonts

Macworld provides a useful list of free font sources plus places to go if you don't mind paying. Karabine Karabine

As strange as it makes me, I love fonts. The same way others spend hours YouTubing and eBaying, I frequently spend sleepless hours ogling OpenType. (You can check out my favorite fonts at Ever since I started using a computer I've gravitated toward fonts; my logo designs are always text intensive, to compensate for my complete lack of artistic talent.

Collecting fonts can be quite expensive, however, so any project always begins with a search through the free zones. Which I usually have to find first, since I never remember to bookmark all the sites. Thankfully, Macworld has put together an annotated list of the best free font sites on the Web. And because we usually can never find anything we like for free, the list includes some top pay-for-font sites as well.

Macworld, via John Nack on Adobe