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Finding flaws in the iPhone 5

Apple's iPhone 5 sales could have been higher, users report flaws including scratches, and Apple product supplier Foxconn closes its factory to address a worker riot.

Monday's CNET Update is a bit scratchy:

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Apple sold more than 5 million iPhone 5 units as of the first weekend. That's a million more than the launch of the iPhone 4S. But looks like Apple could have sold many more if there was enough supply. Several retail stores in major cities had only 8 or 10, according to reports, and didn't get enough to fulfill preorders.

When you have millions of people around the world racing to be the first to have one, there are high standards. So there's been quite a bit of press surrounding some reported problems, including poor Wi-Fi connections, light leaking from the crack of the power button, and iPhones coming out of the box with scratches. It seems Siri also is giving wrong weather reports.

Although it's not a problem, it was discovered that Verizon iPhone 5 devices come unlocked. That makes it easy for customers to pop in an AT&T SIM card and have it work on AT&T's network. I wouldn't be surprised if more iPhone 5 quirks are discovered in the next week.

But iPhone scratches are the least of the troubles at Foxconn, the factory where the iPhone is made. There was a worker riot at its factory in northern China, some reports saying it involved as many as 2,000 workers. The factory closed Monday, but reopens Tuesday.

BlackBerry maker Research in Motion will focus on the new Blackberry 10 operating system at its developer's conference in San Jose this week, and the pressure is on for RIM to impress. BlackBerry had a major service outage across Europe and Africa on Friday, the day when the iPhone 5 hit stores. Talk about bad timing.

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