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Find your way with Sony wide-screen GPS, $99.99

Normally $300, the NV-U73T sports a 4.3-inch wide screen and offers subscription-based traffic reporting.

Sony's wide-screen GPS normally sells for $299.99. Sony

A GPS for less than $100? Pretty common these days. A wide-screen GPS for under $100? Still pretty rare. A Sony wide-screen GPS for under $100? Almost unheard of--but that's exactly the deal you'll find at the SonyStyle outlet store.

Specifically, Sony is offering the NV-U73T GPS navigation system for $99.99. It's a refurbished model, but it features a 4.3-inch wide screen, text-to-speech, optional traffic updates, and some nifty extras.

For example, it has a Dual-View-3D Junction Guide, which promises to help you navigate complicated highway interchanges. And you can execute common commands (like "take me home") just by tracing your finger on the screen. No wading into complex menus.

CNET hasn't reviewed this model, so I urge you to check the user reviews on Amazon. The consensus is mostly positive, and it appears the complaints have all been addressed by some recent firmware updates.

I'll let you know when mine arrives. Yep, I actually ordered one myself. I probably should have dropped an extra $10.99 on Sony's two-year replacement plan, seeing as refurbs have only a 90-day warranty. Well, at least shipping was only six bucks.

Update: Back in stock as of Jan. 22!