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Find your missing stuff with the Tile Mate tracker 4-pack: Just $33.95

Save yourself time and aggravation with these handy Bluetooth locators, which have rarely been cheaper. Plus: a pair of Google Home Minis for just $48!


Add a Tile Mate to your keychain and you can quickly locate your phone (and vice-versa).


I'm back! Hugs all around. If you're wondering how I spent my summer vacation, I can sum it up thusly: gelato. Yes, I was lucky enough to visit Italy, including Rome, Florence and parts in between. Those parts included the most beautiful rolling countryside I've ever seen. Absolutely dazzling. And the food? Well, let's just say there's more of me to love, now.

Huge thanks to John Falcone and the Davids (Carnoy and Katzmaier) for keeping the deals flowing while I was away. (You guys! There's your band name: John Falcone and the Davids.)

So, hey, maybe you've heard? Amazon is doing that whole Prime Day thing next week. As you'd expect, I'm going to be all over it, separating the deal wheat from the deal chaff. So stay tuned for extra deal posts, probably a few extra newsletters and definitely lots of quick hits on Facebook and Twitter. Follow me there, won't you?

Okay, on to business! Are you always misplacing your phone? Or your keys? In my house, there are two people who say, probably at least once per day, "Have you seen my phone?"

Enter the Tile Mate, a small, Bluetooth-powered, well, tile that pairs with your phone. With it you can use your phone to locate whatever the Mate is attached to: keys, purse, backpack, etc. Even better, a quick double-press of the Tile itself makes your phone chirp, even if it's set to silent.

There's also a cool crowdsourcing element: You can leverage the larger Tile community for help locating things that might have been lost or stolen out in the world. (Here's a great story of how that sometimes works.)

Normally a single Tile Mate would run you $20, while a 4-pack would set you back $50. For a limited time, and while supplies last, Amazon has the Tile Mate 4-pack for $33.95 shipped. It's rarely been that cheap before.

Before you pull the trigger, though, you should know the big caveat: The Mates aren't rechargeable. Once the built-in battery -- good for about a year, according to Tile -- gives out, you have no choice but to replace the unit. You can do this at a discounted price via the reTile program, but it's still a pretty big hassle.

I can tell you that I purchased a 4-pack last year for the aforementioned family members, and they've found them invaluable. They always know where their keys are, but they're constantly losing their phone around the house. The Tile Mate serves its function extremely well in that respect.

A 4-pack for $34 works out to about $8.50 each -- a very fair price for something so useful, even if it's useful for only a year.

Your thoughts?


Bonus deal: It seems like only two months ago (because it was, just ahead of Mother's Day) that you could get a Google Home Mini for $39 or a pair for $60.

Today, and for what's likely to be a limited time, Walmart is offering two Google Home Minis for $48 shipped (plus tax). When you hit the product page, you'll see one priced at $34 (already a solid deal); scroll down a bit to where it says Buy Together & Save.

We're pretty much all Amazon Echo in my house; I've never actually used a Google Home product. If you've tried both, I'd be very curious to know which you prefer and why.

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