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Find nearby exercise routes with WalkJogRun

Looking for a new hiking/biking/walking/running trail? This $2.99 app finds user-submitted routes near you and shows them on a map.

WalkJogRun shows you nearby routes for your daily exercise.

When you're traveling, it's easy to come up with excuses not to exercise, like, "There's nowhere to run near this hotel." The new WalkJogRun Routes app leverages your iPhone's geolocation skills to find routes near you.

How? By tapping's repository of 350,000-plus user-created routes. Just run the app, wait a few seconds for it to hone in on your location, then choose a distance (1 mile, 2 miles, all distances, etc.) to see the routes in your neck of the woods.

The subsequent list tells you the name, length, and creator of each route, along with the starting point's distance from your current location. Tap any route to see it on a Google Map, with markers indicating the start and finish.

For some reason, the maps don't let you scroll and pinch-zoom; you're limited to tapping an area to zoom in and tapping again to zoom out. What's more, the app doesn't offer real-time positioning, nor does it let you create new routes on your iPhone. (Both features are designated "not yet" by the developer, so they may appear in a future update.)

If you sign up for a free account, you can create routes on your PC, then access them in the WalkJogRun app--handy if you want to keep a library of personalized routes or just plan ahead before a trip.

If you're a hardcore runner or just someone who likes to blaze new trails, WalkJogRun Routes is $2.99 well spent.