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Find 'filler' items to get free shipping at Amazon

If your shopping cart is just shy of that magical $25 mark, hit the Superfiller site to find items that cost exactly the amount you need. Hey, a few bucks saved is a few bucks saved.

Superfiller makes it a snap to find cheap stuff on Amazon. Rick Broida

Raise your hand if this sounds familiar: you have just under $25 worth of stuff in your Amazon shopping cart--not quite enough to qualify for free shipping--so you go trolling the site for something small and inexpensive to tip the scales.

Of course, finding the right something is never easy, so you decide to treat yourself to an item on your wish list...and end up spending way more than you'd planned. Amazing how easy it is to justify spending money to save money, no?

Superfiller makes it a snap to find "filler" items that bring your total to exactly $25, thus qualifying you for Super Saver Shipping.

Let's say you're $1.15 shy of $25. Plug in that amount and Superfiller quickly builds a list of about 20 items that match (or come close). Below that, you'll find categorical lists: books, music, office products, and so on.

Pick the item you want, click the link, add it to your Amazon shopping cart, and presto! You're out the door for $25.

Yeah, I know, we're talking about saving a few bucks, tops. But every little bit helps, right? And admit it: You love getting free shipping. It makes you feel happy and successful and smart. (No? It's just me, then?)

Thanks to reader john94857 for the tip about this crazy-handy site!