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Find anyone's first tweet thanks to Twitter's 8th birthday

It's a happy birthday to Twitter today and, to celebrate, it's built a tool to help you find all those awkward first tweets.

Twitter is either a powerful tool for social communication or a weapon of mass distraction depending on how you use it and whether you've had your morning coffee.

"When the little bluebird who has never said a word starts to sing..." (Credit: Twitter)

Believe it or not, it's been eight years since Twitter arrived. Back then people referred to it as a "micro blogging platform" and tried to work out what the hell you needed it for, when we already had MySpace and Facebook and didn't really know what we were doing with those.

Of course now it's a way for people to interact with celebrities, for those same celebrities to have high-profile meltdowns and for news outlets to find source material for stories about high profile celebrity meltdowns.

Oh and it turns out it's also an amazingly effective tool for communicating socio-political change — thanks Egypt!

With eight-tenths of a decade under its belt, Twitter has built a tool to let you easily find the first tweet of any account. (There's also the mandatory hashtag, in this case it's #FirstTweets.) Here are some of the incredible first words of wisdom from some high-profile Twitter users: