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Tech Industry

Financial information stocks rally

A trio of financial information providers made huge gains Monday on unrelated announcements of one kind of another. Hoover's Inc. (Nasdaq: HOOV) was the biggest winner, gaining 5 5/16, or 47 percent, to 16 9/16.

Hoover's move came after J.P Morgan said the online financial information company is ready to launch a new version of its site.

J.P. Morgan analyst Susan Walker-White said in a research note that Hoover's will triple the number of companies it covers to 50,000 as well as offer e-mail alerts about companies or industries.

Hoover's officials said it will offer travel bookings on the new site and spend $10 million to advertise the new site.

Hoover's shares peaked at 33 shortly after its initial public offering in July. Inc. (Nasdaq: TSCM) shares hustled up 5 5/16, or 27 percent, to 25 1/16 Monday after announcing a new subsidiary that will deliver online financial information to England. It's also the subject of an unsubstantiated rumor on that says it is up for sale. is well off its all-time high of 71 1/4 established in July.

And, finally, Edgar Online Inc. (Nasdaq: EDGR) picked up 3 1/2, or 45 percent, to 11 1/4 after announcing it will be supplying SEC-based data to Standard and Poor's CompuStat and Reuters news service.

Edgar Online shares were trading at a high of 21 7/8 in July.