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Finally spotted in the iPhone line: Fanboys

After days of the Apple Store line consisting only of a team of activists, some eager kids in Apple t-shirts have shown up the day before the coveted handset debuts.

The iPhone line has gotten a little bit longer. Caroline McCarthy/CNET News

NEW YORK--Now this is more like it.

For days, the line at Apple's midtown flagship store for the hotly anticipated iPhone 3G had consisted solelyof the crew from Waiting for Apples, who have the dual goal of breaking the Guinness world record for "longest wait for a product release" (or something like that) and simultaneously spreading the word about sustainable agriculture.

Now, three more people have joined them, and these fellows look a whole lot more like what we'd expect people waiting in line for the iPhone to be: Skinny, wearing jeans and black t-shirts, and probably not a day over 17.

But to put things into perspective, this time last year the line at the Fifth Avenue store for the original iPhone was totally ridiculous. But back then everyone was freaked out that there would be shortages of the phone and that they wouldn't get one for months if they didn't camp out for days beforehand. One smooth launch later, Apple fans don't seem anywhere near as concerned.

Besides, the iPhone 3G comes out at 8 a.m. rather than last year's 6 p.m., making it possible to simply wait overnight, grab the phone, and then take your shiny new toy to the office.

Meanwhile, across the country in San Francisco, the line stands at two.

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