Finally, speakers that aren't afraid of a little color

Urban Fidelity's 'Duevel Planets' are reminiscent of the first iMacs in the computer industry.

Tech Culture
Urban Fidelity

For all the innovative, unusual and creepy designs we've seen in loudspeakers--not to mention expensive--it's surprising how boring many high-end systems can look. It's reminiscent of the PC industry, which lived in a beige and gray world until Apple came along with the first iMac.

Urban Fidelity is one company that's apparently learned that lesson and has responded by selling a line of "Duevel Planets" speakers online for "hip music lovers, not tweaky audiophiles." Not only do they come in neon colors, according to Audio Junkies, but the German-made loudspeakers are distinctive for the omnidirectional "shiny orbs" that distribute their sound, with 5.9-inch woofers and a "specialty short horn tweeter." But remember, certain paint finishes will cost you $100 extra.

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