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Finally, permission to bang on your PC

Kick drum-styled PC case.

Spotswood drum PC case
The Spotswood computer case is a kick drum. Spotswood Custom Computers

Of course your PC enrages you from time to time, but you're not supposed to bang on it -- though you would be forgiven if it's housed in a Spotswood Custom Computers case, which is actually a kick drum.

Yes, it's a slightly odd motif for a PC (oh, let's be honest; it makes no damned sense) but the Spotswood folks say a drum enclosure makes for a very quiet PC case with flexible component mounting options. And to be fair, this is the hippest possible way to house a workstation PC in a recording studio or the like.

Prices are in the $500 range but it's too late to order for the holidays as each one is custom made and takes 3-4 weeks. But if you're a rocker and want to spend more money on a PC case than I spend on a PC, there's nothing quite like this.