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Finally, a solution for smushed bananas

If you find yourself constantly plagued by smushed bananas, you'll appreciate the Banana Guard, a protective plastic case for your fruit.

I know. It makes me laugh, too. Aberrant Designs Inc.

You know the problem: you pack your lunch, but by the time you go to eat it, your banana is bruised and yukky. That's why you need the Banana Guard--a "unique, patented device" that is "specially designed to fit the vast majority of bananas."

Yes, this product begs to be poked fun of, but if you frequently feed children, you may actually find it useful. Kids--at least my kids--often reject food based purely on aesthetics, and many a bruised banana has been deemed unworthy of my children's sensitive palates. The Banana Guard is made from BPA-free, FDA-approved recyclable plastic and is dishwasher safe. Ventilation holes prevent premature ripening and keep your fruit fresh. The company claims the Guard fits over 90 percent of commercially available bananas.

Got other fruits to protect? The Froot Guard holds apples, plums, peaches, and other round fruits. For smaller fruits--think grapes, cherries, kiwis, and so on--there's the Froot Case. The various guards come in a rainbow of colors and cost about $7.