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Finally, a gadget for beer lovers who can't pour beer

Japanese company Takara-Tomy's "Beer Hour Stadium Foamy Head Dispenser" aims to pour beer with a perfect head of foam.


Those of us that have a taste for beer understand the value of the perfect head of foam atop the glass.

The purists and connoisseurs understand what works best for a container and the perfect angle at which to pour. Apparently though, there's some folks out there that just can't seem to get it right. Have no fear timid pourers, there's a bit of Japanese ingenuity that just might help.

Developed by Takara-Tomy, the manufacturer of all things you didn't know you needed, comes the lengthily titled "Beer Hour Stadium Foamy Head Dispenser". It's a gun-type device that pours your beer from the mounted can of your choice, and claims to provide the perfect beer-to-foam ratio.

This isn't the first time Japan has produced beer-related gadgets, with many of the previous products being marketed by the breweries themselves. Three years ago, Kirin Ichiban developed the desktop beer slushie machine, turning any foamy beer head into icy slush to compliment the beverage on a hot summer's day.

The name "Beer Hour Stadium Foamy Head Dispenser" is a reference to the "beer girls" that pour drinks for baseball fans at major Japanese games, utilising similar beer-guns attached to mini-kegs at their backs. With the "Beer Hour Stadium Foamy Head Dispenser", you too can have the same experience -- minus the girls pouring it for you or course. This video might help illustrate concept.

The beer-gun is on sale now and can be found on the company store, priced at ¥2,484 (around $20, AU$30, £15)