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Final Joker trailer shows off more of the DC villain's dark comedy

Actor Joaquin Phoenix gives fans a new, sadder look at Batman's nemesis.

Send in the clowns. The upcoming Warner Bros. movie Joker shows the iconic DC Comics villain is more than just a creepy punchline. The final trailer dropped Wednesday, giving us another glimpse of the clown-like villain's origin story ahead of the new movie starring Joaquin Phoenix.

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Phoenix plays Arthur Fleck, a failed stand-up comedian whose hardships in a Gotham City (which looks a whole lot like '70s New York) lead him to the edge of insanity. At first he's more sad sack than psychopath, but that changes as he dons makeup and green hair to become the Joker

Joaquin Phoenix in full make-up and costume in the upcoming Joker movie from director Todd Phillips. 

Warner Bros

"All I have are negative thoughts," he tells his therapist, which is surely a red flag.

We also catch glimpses of Robert De Niro's Murray Franklin, a talk show host who plays a role in Arthur's dark turn, and Zazie Beetz's Sophie Dumond.

Todd Phillips directs the film, which debuts in October and has an R rating. Phillips also revealed that the film's story will be completely original, and won't follow any previously published DC comic books or movies that feature the Joker, who's traditionally Batman's nemesis.

Joker hits theaters worldwide on Oct. 4.

Originally published Aug. 28, at 9 a.m. PT.