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Final Fantasy hits 25 this year, mega box set planned

This might make you feel old. This December, the Final Fantasy video game series marks 25 years of existence. Check out this jumbo box set, which contains all of the games and is set for release on the special day.

The entire shebang. (Click to enlarge.) Square Enix

Developer Square Enix announced today a mega box set celebrating the 25th anniversary of the legendary role-playing video game Final Fantasy. The 35,000 yen ($446) compilation, due December 18, costs a pretty penny, but it offers hundreds of hours of classic gameplay plus a few extra bonuses.

You need some serious Sony game consoles to play through this collection. (Click to enlarge.) Square Enix

The massive Final Fantasy collection includes every major title spread across over a dozen discs, with one major caveat -- the whole thing works only with Sony gaming consoles. For example, Final Fantasy I-IX (except III) come on separate PlayStation 1 discs, Final Fantasy X-XII on PlayStation 2 discs, and Final Fantasy XIII comes on a PlayStation 3 disc. In addition, if that were not demanding enough, one would also need a PSP to play the version of Final Fantasy III included with the set. Each game disc features some artistic character representations, along with a fancy case.

Of course, Square Enix packed in some other goodies with the set, including: a numbered Final Fantasy 25th anniversary art print by legendary artist Yoshitaka Amano, a 128-page book of official concept art and illustrations, a 2-disc anniversary music compilation, a special video showing off the history of Final Fantasy, and an in-game item for Final Fantasy XIV.

What is your favorite Final Fantasy video game or moment?

(Via Andriasang)