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Filtered water wherever you go

While many kitchens have filtered water, you may not have it everywhere else you go. With the Self-Filtering Water Bottle, you can get filtered water wherever you go.

The Self-Filtering Water Bottle Hammacher Schlemmer

If you're used to drinking filtered water, you may not want to fill up your water bottle from the office sink or a building's water fountain. The Self-Filtering Water Bottle offers a way to have filtered water no matter where you go. The water bottle has an integrated filter that can remove chlorine, silt and other impurities from water. It can even filter any freshwater sources into potable water, like a stream along a hiking trail. You can filter up to 100 gallons of water in the Self-Filtering Water Bottle before you need to replace the filter. The filter uses adsorption and chemical bonding, as well as 1/500-millimeter perforations to clean water. The techniques used can remove 99.99 percent of microbes, making water healthier as well as improving the taste.

The Self-Filtering Water Bottle is made from nonleaching stainless steel, eliminating concerns about BPA and other chemicals that can leach out of plastic bottles into your water. It can hold up to 27 ounces of water. The water bottle has both a screw-on lid and a flip-out spout. The Self-Filtering Water Bottle is priced at $49.95. Each replacement filter is available for $29.95 and filters the equivalent of 757 half-liter water bottles before being replaced.