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Filmmaker shoots kung-fu vid on Samsung Galaxy S3

Who says you need high-end equipment to shoot a good stunt film? Filmmaker Freddie Wong shows you how to do it with a smartphone.

Freddie Wong, also known on YouTube as FreddieW, makes videos packed with dazzling special effects that appeal mainly to gaming geeks. His latest effort, "Sandcastle Sensei," is born of his claim that anyone can make good videos without high-end equipment as long as they have a good idea and the right execution.

The short film was shot entirely on the Samsung Galaxy S3.

Wong did use a professional steering wheel-shaped stabilizer (known as a Fig Rig) to get a smooth pan, though he says it's possible to build one using PVC pipes, too. The video was then edited with iMovie. Sound amazing? Check out the video above, as well as the "making of" below.

(Source: Crave Asia)

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