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Film4OD streams movies to your browser from only 50p

Film 4 has partnered up with FilmFlex to present Film4OD -- a browser-only service that lets you rent films for 48 hours online. The service already has 500 movies available to rent.

We're incredibly demanding of our video, so we're excited to learn Channel 4 has launched a video on demand movie-rental service called Film4OD.

Building on the success of regular old 4OD and regular old Film4, Film4OD lets you rent movies for a period of 48 hours, for a one-off payment. Prices range between 50p and £3.99, depending on how new and exciting the movie in question is. Most of the films we browsed were at least £2.49 though, even relatively ancient titles such as Tim Burton's Batman.

Once you've forked over your dosh, you'll be able to stream that movie over the Intertubes. The good news is there are already over 500 titles available to rent. Film4OD reckons you'll need a minimum broadband speed of 2Mbps to use the service properly, but it kindly includes a speed tester so you can ensure your connection is up to snuff.

The bad news is the service isn't available on mobile devices such as the iPhone. If Film4OD takes off however, it seems like that would be the natural next step for the service, and as it's only just launched we're willing to give it a little while to get settled.

FilmFlex, the company that's powering the whole shebang, is a joint venture between Sony and the Walt Disney Company, and already offers an on-demand service to Virgin Media.

Check it out, and let us know what you reckon. Too expensive? Is the quality decent enough for your discerning eyes?