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Film composer cooks up music in the kitchen (video)

What do you do when you're "bored and curious"? You build a synthesizer and turn everyday kitchen tools into musical instruments, of course. At least that's what Stephen J. Anderson does.

Bowled over: Success! After spending all day wiring cereal bowls and other kitchen bric-a-brac for sound, composer and synthesizer tinkerer Stephen J. Anderson puts his setup to the test. Not only does he avoid getting electrocuted, he also manages to produce a pleasant electronic "bonk." Watch the video; Anderson cooks up quite the aural dish. Screenshots by Edward Moyer/CNET

It's inevitable. Whenever you throw a party, it might start in the living room, but it always ends up in the kitchen.

Film composer Stephen J. Anderson created a party of sorts in his kitchen recently. He crafted a synthesizer out of old electronics and then attached various objects--bowls, a cheese grater, a whisk--to it to compose music. (Or, as he puts it, "to make noise using amplified static electricity.") In this YouTube video, watch him transform cans of Pam cooking spray, among other things, into a musical instrument. This is what happened, Anderson said, when he got "bored and curious" at the same time.