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Fill in your Wi-Fi dead zones for $32 with this dual band range extender

The Rock Space Wi-Fi Range Extender sets up quickly and is now 30% off.


The Wi-Fi Range Extender is usually $46.

Rock Space

If you're willing to start from scratch with a new router, getting end-to-end coverage in almost any home is easy peasy these days: Get a mesh Wi-Fi system, which uses multiple satellite transmitters to ensure thorough coverage. But if you need to fill in a dead zone and want to do it on the cheap, you can try a range extender instead. Right now, you can get the Rock Space Wi-Fi Range Extender for $32.19 when you use promo code ZFXBCFYL at checkout. That's 30% off the regular price of $46.

Range extenders are a mixed bag. Yes, if your Wi-Fi network doesn't reach the extremities of your home, an extender can blast delicious, life-giving internet radiation wherever you need. But positioning an extender can be an exercise in frustration. Too close to the router and it doesn't do any good, failing to reach the dead zone. Too far into the dead zone and it won't be able to receive a signal from the router. You need to position it in the perfect Goldilocks zone. And I've seen homes in which a wall is seemingly made of lead, stopping the signal from routers and extenders alike.

Even more annoying, extenders have their own SSID, so as you walk around your home, your devices will need to smartly switch from one network to the other. That's… not ideal.

But that's the reality of extenders, and this Rock Space model is a dual zone extender, so you get both 2GHz and 5GHz connectivity. Setup is simple, either using your smartphone or the WPS button on your router. If you can put up with the annoyances, you can use the Rock Space extender to fill in your spotty home network at a bargain price. And though Rock Space isn't a super well-known brand, both Fakespot and ReviewMeta gave the extender's 4.3-star rating a clean bill of health.   

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