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Wearable Tech

Filip keeps tabs on your tykes

For $200, the Filip watch promises to track and contact your kids quickly.

Track and contact your kids with the Filip watch.

The Filip Smartwatch promises to give parents more piece of mind by locating kids quickly. Priced at $199.99, the Filip functions as a location tracker as well as a communication device that's able to conduct phone calls and receive text messages in an emergency.

Built with internal GPS circuitry plus cellular GSM radio, the Filip connects to AT&T's wireless network to keep your kiddos within virtual arms' reach. Another interesting safety feature is Safezone, the capability for responsible adults to create approved areas on the map. If the Filip detects it's leaving these electronic borders, the gadget will immediately notify its parental operators via mobile app.

Be advised, though, that since the Filip is technically more a mobile phone than a watch, owners will have to dole out an extra $10 per month for Filip service. The product is set to hit AT&T online stores November 22.