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FileMaker 8.0 adds PDF, Excel tools

FileMaker 8.0 adds PDF, Excel tools

The latest version of FileMaker, the popular small-business database tool, hit the market this week. For the first time, FileMaker 8.0 lets you save and export database layouts and reports as PDFs. Although it's not built for this purpose, you can now use FileMaker as a publishing tool (hard to imagine that without this feature, I once slogged through FileMaker to print a media directory). And it can create Excel spreadsheets. You can also e-mail data and send mailing lists straight from FileMaker 8.0. This updated app promises brushed-up field autofilling and as-you-go spell-checking, à la Microsoft Word. The new package costs $299, or $179 for the upgrade. Stay tuned for our upcoming review.