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'File Folder' USB drive for pack rats like us

A digital version of the ones overflowing from our basement.

Yeah, we know--we're sick of USB drives too. But just when we were about to impose a moratorium on them, along comes Art Lebedev Studio with one that we can't resist.

Art Lebedev

It figures that the exception would come from the celebrated Russian design house, whose avant-garde Optimus keyboards--the "Maximus" and the still-unpronounceable "Upravlator"--have been among the most lusted-after products in the gadget world for some time. Unlike those groundbreaking products, however, Engadget notes that the "Finger Folder" flash drive is notable for its whimsical simplicity.

It also solves a personal problem that we've often carped about. Because of our digital pack-rat tendencies, we often don't empty our portable drives as often as we should (say, maybe once a year). Now we can label this folder just like the manila ones overflowing from the boxes in all our closets. On second thought, maybe this isn't such a good idea after all.