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Fighting spam the easy way

Fighting spam the easy way

If your business hosts its own e-mail services, then you're probably aware of just how difficult it is to keep unwanted spam at bay. The fact that this spam may often include viruses and other security threats makes this a serious problem that can bring down your network and negatively affect your bottom line. Outblaze has announced a new service called Sentry Perimeter that lets you continue to host and manage your own e-mail while leaving the spam and virus protection of your business's messaging systems to others. Sentry Perimeter routes your e-mail through Outblaze's off-site "inoculation network" and strips out unwanted messages before they reach your network. Outblaze suggests that the money you would have to sink into storing unwanted e-mail and defending yourself against virus attacks is better spent on this new security service, which includes 24-hour monitoring and fast updates to thwart newly emerging threats.