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Fighting for security

Experts say the only solution to the ongoing debates over online privacy and crypto is swift, sweeping action.

International debates over online privacy protection and how to handle the export of strong encryption have dragged on with little obvious progress. Experts say the only solution is swift, sweeping action--though few will be entirely satisfied with the outcome.

The FTC: Behind the scenes
special feature The Federal Trade Commission is undergoing revolutionary change, internally and beyond. In a rare glimpse of its inner workings, NEWS.COM interviews the commissioners.

Why you should care about encryption
reporter's notebook The folks who have been fighting over encryption exports wish they knew more people like my mom. She actually understands the debate.

Who will win the crypto war?
news analysis The White House and lawmakers are looking for a crypto compromise, but experts say the only solution is for Congress or President Clinton to pick a side.

EU rebuffs U.S., seeks privacy laws
update A European Union report rejects the White House stance that industry solutions--not laws--can best safeguard sensitive information on the Net.

Gingrich talks crypto in Valley
audio | update Encryption tops a list of issues for House Speaker Newt Gingrich and Rep. Bob Goodlatte at a discussion with tech leaders.