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Fighting back against online crime

The Net won't become Disneyland overnight, but Microsoft, Dell and others are joining law enforcement to clean up the Web.

Microsoft donates software and provides an analyst to help a cybercrime posse out to round up phishers and other Internet miscreants. In Britain, investigators make arrests in connection with alleged online extortion and money laundering.

Antiphishing group gets help from Microsoft

Software giant offers software and analyst to organization that investigates identity theft and other Internet crimes.
July 21, 2004

British cybercops nab alleged blackmailers

And they're promising more arrests on the trail of purported extortion and money laundering by a Russian gang.
July 21, 2004

Dell wants to teach Web surfers a lesson

Computer maker launches education drive to teach consumers to dodge spyware, adware and viruses before having to call tech support.
July 20, 2004

Bagle keeps on toasting PCs

Publicly available source code means the latest variant of the virus won't be the last.
July 19, 2004