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Ferrari's latest phone takes another U-turn

The latest special edition goes full circle back to Motorola.

Techie Diva

Of all the major car companies that have co-branded phones, Ferrari seems to have the most versions, flags-down--and it can't seem to make up its mind on which one it likes best.

Last year luxury phone maker Vertu announced its "Ascent Ferrari 1947 Limited Edition" just months after the "Razr Maxx V6 Ferrari Challenge Mobile Phone" was unveiled. Now it's apparently come full circle back to Motorola with its "V9 Ferrari Edition."

At the risk of suffering Razr fatigue, as Techie Diva says, the latest model doesn't look all that different except for the familiar stallion logo, trademark red hues, and checkered-flag panels. It does come with a leather case, but the specs are the same as the standard handset. True Enzo loyalists who want to state their allegience in an unmistakeable way may opt for the F1 phone instead.