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Fermented fashion: Dress made out of wine scum

A microbial textile formed from wine lets wine lovers uncork a new kind of clothing, if you can get past the semi-creepy texture.

Micro'be' dress
Like a fine wine. Ray Scott

I have often held a nice glass of red wine up into the light and said, "What a pretty color!" I just didn't take my thinking as far as Bioalloy has. The result of its idea -- creating textiles from fermented grapes -- is a dress that is essentially made of wine.

The Bioalloy project from the University of Western Australia is described as "an ongoing research endeavor into artistic cyborgian systems." Cool.

The textile used to create the dress is formed by microbes that grow into a "skin" on the surface of wine. This is layered onto a mold and allowed to dry. The resulting fabric is wearable, though not drinkable.

OK, so you're basically wearing wine scum. The Microbe fermented-fashion dress is both compelling and strange to behold. It looks a bit like a skinned-alive makeup job from "Hellraiser" or something Lady Gaga would wear to the Grammy awards.

Personally, I'm not quite ready to sacrifice my perfectly good wine for the sake of eco-fashion.

Perhaps clothes will someday come in varietals and vintages. We could see Two Buck Chuck tunics or 1998 Petrus Pomerol pants on the racks at the local mall. Cheers!

Micro'be' in formation
The Bioalloy clothing can be grape skin-tight. Bioalloy

(Via Huffington Post)