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Feel like the Hoff behind the wheel with this 'Knight Rider' car charger

ThinkGeek's KITT car USB charger will make you think you're Michael Knight without having to unnecessarily jump a bridge or get a perm.

Thanks to ThinkGeek's new car charger, your ride can give you attitude or moral support. But probably attitude. ThinkGeek

Every American kid in the 1980s wanted a talking car thanks to the show "Knight Rider" and the world's chattiest Pontiac Firebird Trans-Am. It didn't matter whether it was a clunker that couldn't make it around the block or a Porsche 959. The idea of having a car as your best friend or partner in crime just seemed so cool. Besides, it was a more likely possibility than owning a flying car. It's 2015 and we still don't have those yet, so we were right about that one.

Now fans of "Knight Rider" or just talking cars in general can make their ride feel more like the Knight Industries Two Thousand, also known as KITT, with ThinkGeek's "Knight Rider"-themed talking car charger.

Like the Flux Capacitor car charger inspired by the movie "Back to the Future," this 4-inch-tall car charger plugs into a 12-volt power socket and can provide electricity for up to two mobile devices via USB.

Of course, it wouldn't be a true "Knight Rider" car charger if it didn't talk. ThinkGeek's charger can spout off 11 different quotes from the TV show, such as, "My sensors are picking up some very strange vibrations" and "I'm going to have to make a pit stop very shortly."

The red bars even light up in sync with KITT's voice and when you get sick of being lectured about your lack of a plan, you can also mute the voice with a click of a switch.

I'll bet there were more than a few times when Michael Knight wished he had sprung for that particular feature. KITT may have had a highly advanced degree of artificial intelligence but it didn't always know when to shut up.

(Via Gizmodo)